About Us

Irena Bluhm Designs is an internet based business, owned and operated by Irena Bluhm. Irena is an internationally acclaimed award winning quilter, instructor, pattern designer, and author of 9 books. She is also a National Sales Representative for Gammill Quilting Systems.

Irena Bluhm was born and raised in Poland. She moved to Germany in 1981, and then to California in the United States in 1991. After her husband retired in 2001, they purchased 71 acres of property in rural Antlers, Oklahoma where her large studio is located. With 18 years of garment making/design experience and 12 years of making art for a hobby, she has transitioned the understanding of creating fine art and other skills into making quilts for shows and exhibits exclusively. Irena is very passionate about creating quilting design patterns, proposing innovative ways of making show quality quilts, writing books, and teaching.

Her enthusiasm is very contagious as she loves to share, encourage, and inspire other quilters to try something new that they never thought they would be able to do. After longarm quilting for just a little over 1 year, Irena started teaching longarm quilting nationwide in March 2006 at many major venues such as: MQS 2007-2011, HMQS 2007-2011, MQX 2006-2011, Innovations 2006-2010, AQS 2007 in Paducah, AQS Quilt Expo 2008 in Des Moines, IA, IQF 2009-2011 and Germany, Europe.

She is currently planning a busy teaching schedule for 2011 and 2012.

Irena hopes that her encouraging nature and very contagious enthusiasm for creating art is going to inspire many others to try her techniques. Some students, who participated in her workshops, are now producing award winning quilts.

Irena’s entire quilt collection plus a number of student’s work has been exhibited at numerous quilt shows in 2010. She was a nominee for Teacher of the Year in 2010, a guest on Linda’s Longarm Quilting and QNNTV, and a participating teacher for The Quilting School by Linda V. Taylor.

Since she started submitting her quilts to national and international contests 6 years ago, she developed a strong and lasting passion for this art form. Her work has won 65 awards in national and international quilt contests so far. She has designed hundreds of quilting patterns and only a very small portion has been published and is available on the market.

Irena has authored nine books, five workbooks, and has a few DVD's. She plans to produce more DVD’s as time goes by. Currently, her brand new line of templates is being introduced to the market.

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